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            Rio Rancho Campus Park | Rio Rancho, USA



            Rio Rancho Campus Park is designed to be the dynamic heart of City Center, a catalyst for further development in the area, a draw for residents of Rio Rancho and the rest of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area to visit City Center, and an amenity that serves the many people who work, learn, and otherwise visit City Center regularly. The project’s scope was to create a signature multi-purpose, accessible outdoor gathering space as an activity hub and destination. On a daily basis, Campus Park draws area students and employees who wish to walk, exercise, study, take in the expansive views, and enjoy the outdoors.



            The design concept, desert oasis, came from the natural character of the region. Natural character included the mesas and escarpments, the relative oasis of the Rio Grande River and bosque, the significance of the large open skies, and the sweeping views of surrounding mountain ranges. Campus Park acts as an oasis within the arid environment of the desert. The design takes advantage of the site’s significant topography and adds to it, creating overlooks, a natural amphitheater, terrace lawns, and bosque lowlands, all in a contemporary design language.



            The park is designed to use topography to create a series of outdoor rooms that protect users from harsh environmental conditions. The rooms flow from small, intimate reading rooms and nooks to sizeable public gathering areas accommodating several thousand people. Several large lawns are divided by circulation paths and subtle topographic variations that allow the lawns to be viewed as a single field from one direction and multiple terraces from another.



            公園的標志性建筑,叫做“天空之屋(Sky Room)”,這是一個用于大型活動和表演的空間。天空之屋的屋頂由網鋼制成,表面銹蝕,內部光滑,屋頂上點綴著一個看向天空的圓形觀景窗。如果觀眾坐在結構里面,該空間可以用于小型活動,而針對大型活動,觀眾可以坐在后面斜坡上的圓形劇場露臺,或者前面向北延伸的草坪露臺。

            An iconic architectural feature of the park is the Sky Room, a large event and performance space. Constructed of mesh steel with a rusted finish on the outside and a smooth finish on the inside, the Sky Room roof is punctuated with a round viewing portal to the sky. The space can serve for small events with the audience seated under the structure or for large events with the audience seated either in the amphitheater terrace set into the slope behind it, or on the lawn terraces spread out before it to the north.



            The site was designed with many beneficial impacts in mind, especially in terms of stormwater. Originally designed as a stormwater detention pond, the park comprises almost entirely of pervious surfaces. There are few paved walkways and plazas, but instead, paths made of compacted crusher fines, gathering areas, native landscape plantings, a native wildflower garden, and terrace lawns. As a result of the large surface areas of pervious materials, the park can handle all of its stormwater on-site without discharging any additional water into the stormwater system and also accepts significant stormwater volumes from off-site, all of which can percolate into the park to transfer through to an adjacent stormwater basin downstream.



            設計團隊:Pland Collaborative (主要景觀建筑事務所), McClain + Yu Architecture & Design (建筑事務所), Surfacedesign, Inc. (協助景觀建筑事務所)
            項目攝影:Marble Street Studio

            Rio Rancho Campus Park
            Location: Rio Rancho
            Client: City of Rio Rancho
            Design Team: Pland Collaborative (Prime Landscape Architects), McClain + Yu Architecture & Design (Architects), Surfacedesign, Inc. (Landscape Architects)
            Photography: Marble Street Studio




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